Processing the Order

  • How to make an order

    Use this link to study thoroughly the ordering instructions. Filling in our contact form will take you just a few minutes. Double check your contact information in order to be sure that we will be able to reach you in a way you choose.

  • How does the writer upload the files needed for the paper?

    As soon as you place the order on our website, you can choose different variants of supplying the writer with materials and giving him instructions obligatory for making the order. The easiest way is to upload these files from your personal profile page on our site. You can also choose to deliver necessary files with the help of operators through Live Support Chat.

  • What is the procedure if the writer is not provided with references?

    Every writer in our company has full access to world’s greatest libraries and online resources to search for required information. But in case you possess some materials that might be useful for our author, make sure they will reach him as your order requirements and instructions.

  • Is there any way I could trace the stage of the order’s process?

    Having your personal account has lots of advantages, including watching the process of your paper. Its status you can check anytime. You can also simply contact Customer Support Team via Live Chat or email. That is one of lots benefits you get being our client!

  • Is it possible to see the drafts of my paper?

    If you want to watch over the making of your order more thoroughly, you can mention that when placing the order and filling in the form. You can reach the author by contacting the Customer Support Service or by using the messaging option on our site.

  • How long I should wait for my order to be completed?

    We can’t tell you the exact time of accomplishment the order, because it depends on various aspects. The requirements you provided instructions, deadline, quantity of pages or words and the level of writer—all these factors strongly influence the time. If your task is highly urgent, we can do it within 24 hours, it is possible, of course. However it’s much better to place your order as soon as possible, because then our writers will be able to find even more suitable and appropriate information for the paper doing more substantial research. In case any reasons appear or under particular circumstances we cannot finish your order on time, we will contact you in order to discuss which measures need to be taken. We assure you, that we will do everything in our power to get your order kept in time limits.

  • How can I get the order delivered?

    The order is uploaded by the author, you will get online access to it through your personal account and you will be able to download it. You can also request it to be sent on your contact email.

  • Can I make some changes to the instructions before?

    If you do not digress a lot from your original instructions, a few modifications can be made for free. We always make friendly steps towards your dear customers.

The Writers Team

  • Are writers in your company professionals?

    We hire only professionals with higher education and long working experience. Newcomers receive at first some easy tasks, that’s how they get trust credit in our company. The Department of Quality Assurance does its work properly checking every finished paper in order to deliver to our customers only the best quality work.

  • Can I contact the writer in order to explain instructions in details?

    The possibility to reach the writer of your assignment anytime has high priority in our team. You can contact him via Live Chat, Support Team, messaging system or email. We treat our customers with respect as well as their wish to have contact with the writer. That’s why we offer different means of communication.

Our Services

  • What options do you offer and how much it costs?

    Our company CustomWritingInc.com provides high quality essay service. You are able to order any format of a paper you need (like research paper, term paper, coursework, dissertation, case studies, composition). Making it easier and convenient for customers, we offer you some options of putting time limits.

    3 hours 6 hours
    12 hours
    24 hours
    48 hours
    3 days
    4 days 5 days
    7 days
    10 days

    There are three variants of quality levels, deadline of the accomplishment and the qualification of the writer which form the price of the order. Standardized quality level includes pre-bachelor’s and rarely-bachelor’s levels which are best for accomplishing simple tasks. Premium level is recommended for completed degrees of bachelor or master and also for courses where is very thorough research is demanded (e.g. biology, economics, law, medicine).

  • Can you write my research paper, essay and dissertation?

    Our team is highly professional and has good education and working experience. Every author is able to write different level papers on every topic. Whole team of CustomWritingInc.com researchers, editors and writers, do their best to make a perfect job for you and make your dream come true. Our writers have Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and even PhDs.

Guarantees, Anonymity and Security

  • How can you ensure that my paper won’t have any plagiarism?

    We guarantee you no plagiarism in your paper. Every paper comes through our system of plagiarism checkers in order to be sure, no word of plagiarism is written before uploading it to the customer. If any worker has been spotted avoiding this checks violating our main rule, he is fired instantly and the customer will have the paper rewritten of changed.

  • Is my personal information secure?

    We respect our customers and highly appreciate their trust to our company. We are proud to be one of the best companies on the market and we value our good reputation very much. Privacy and security stays on the first place. We never pass any bit of private information of our customers to third party. We provide only the best quality for our clients including top security and absolute confidentiality. You can be 100% sure your personal information will not be revealed.

  • What if the final paper isn’t good enough?

    We are concerned about our reputation and the job we do. That’s why we are here for you 24/7. Our Customer Support Team is ready to help you whatever question you have. In case you are not satisfied with the delivered paper, according to our rules you have 2 weeks contacting us and informing about the problem you have. But before submitting revision request, be sure you have checked the originally provided instructions and the Terms and Conditions on our website. We can assure you in our full support and assistance in case you need any modifications to do.

  • Will the paper be delivered on time?

    We realize the importance of keeping work in time lines, that’s why we ask you to provide us with all the details, so that our writer will be able to accomplish the order before the deadline. Before confirmation of placing the order please check following points:

    • 1) All information is precise and all details are mentioned.
    • 2) Necessary additional information is uploaded onto your account
    • 3) Your personal contact information is correct and valid.

    Following such simple instruction you can prevent any misunderstandings or mistakes from both sides.

  • How do you guarantee quality of your work?

    One of the biggest advantages of our company is that fact that bigger part of our team is or was a teacher. So they can perfectly good understand your needs, requirements and fulfill them from educational point of view. Every task is delegated to author with respective knowledge of the subject and rich experience. That is our reason to be proud of the service we provide.

Popular Questions

  • Can I get any discounts?

    If you are ordering in our company for the first time, you will get a welcome bonus, just when applying and filling in order form, enter the promo-code “beign 15”. This code gets for newcomers a 20% discount on the first order. Whether you have more questions to ask, contact our Customer Support Team.

  • What are the main advantages of being your client?

    Clients of our CustomWritingInc.com company can enjoy lots of advantages and benefits. When you order a paper for you by our company, you can be completely sure that you will get the work of expected quality and professionalism done by our best writers. This experience will not be a waste of your valuable time since we cooperate only with best qualified and educated writers and editors. We are interested in our customer’s coming back and making a lot of new orders. If you still are not sure, you are always welcome to contact our Customer Support representatives at any time.

  • What makes you special among other companies on the market?

    Placing order on our website automatically leads you to success and respect in your educational institution. We provide you only best educated specialists to accomplish your task. Our authors use best libraries and resources of the world and there isn’t a word of plagiarism tolerated. Your paper is from A to Z unique and original. We work with the most popular formats of writing, use a many leveled plagiarism checking system and write up to latest techniques and tendencies.

  • What if the order on a big amount of pages needs to be done in a short period?

    We are sorry, but we don’t have such variant. Because we care about good quality of the work and our writers and editors need enough time to search and compile excellent content for you. That is the reason we refuse to take big works that need to be done in a small time. But you can find the way out—you can order a few smaller essays, so several writers will be able to work on them.

  • Do you do refunds?

    Unlike similar companies we guarantee you total refund. In case you are not satisfied with the work we have done, you can apply for a free revision of your paper by some other writer within 14 days. If you still want your money back, you can request a satisfaction in 3 days after the order was accomplished. We couldn’t help mentioning that the CustomWritingInc.com company has the lowest percentage of refunds on this market.

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